10/90 - Divide your page to connect and convince

Frameworks like AIDA and PAS help us lay out our pages, or organize our pages in ways that are more likely to connect with and convince readers.

But in addition to those frameworks, I like to follow this simple rule - the 10/90 rule.

With this, you simply divide your page into two parts: the two 10%, and the bottom 90%.

The top 10% is focused on Expectation Matching.

The bottom 90% is focused on Expectation Exceeding.

The next videos will break down what goes in the top 10% and what goes in the bottom 90%.

Divide your page up this way and overlay a framework like AIDA or PAS to write a better page or email.

And to real bring home the bacon, naturally keep the prospect's AI - or awareness and intent - in mind.

And remember the Rule of One.

Do that, and your copy's gonna start soaring - and you'll be able to repeat the success time after time.

For now, let's start with learning more about the ten-ninety rule in the next videos...