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This training is focused exclusively on launch copy. Based on insights and "themeplates" from dozens of launches in the six- and seven-figure range.

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Important question for online entrepreneurs, course creators, coaches and the amazing copywriting folks who write for them….

What’s the biggest difference between a game-changing 6 or 7-figure product launch... and one that barely covers your Infusionsoft bill?

If you guessed “funnel strategy”, you’d be wrong.

If you guessed “how much cash you dropped on your business coach” you’d still be wrong

And if you guessed …

… how many JV Partners you’ve locked down.

… how many FB ninjas you have dropping pixels on your prospects

… or how many masterminds, lucky mantras, or mailchimp contacts you have in your system…

You’d still be oh-so-terribly wrong.

Cause here’s the deal.

We’ve Reached an Execution Crisis.

You have more funnel and launch methods at your disposal than ever before.

… Survey funnels

… 3-part video funnels

… Evergreen webinar funnels

Heck, a quick inventory of the most popular programs that teach those methods shows no less than 10,000 students.

10,000 jacked up, “it’s my time”, course creators and online entrepreneurs just like you.

Yet how many super successful 6 and 7-figure product launches do you see coming out of them?

5? 10? 20?

Holy outliers batman.

And it’s NOT because those funnels or launch strategies are wrong or ineffective.

It’s just that they’re….


You see…

While you jet set to San Diego, Austin or NYC for your latest Mastermind to play a silly game of “my funnel’s bigger than your funnel” with other entrepreneurs and course creators who always seem “on the verge of financial breakthrough” but never beyond it…

That funnel you like to brag about is missing its most important ingredient.

The copy.

Y’know, the words that are meant to magically fill those harrowing little email boxes on your funnel map.

Meaning that “magic funnel” or course launch that was supposed to be your entry ticket to

… scaled up profits that let you quit your day job

… hiring an actual team to do the things you hate

… enrolling more clients, creating more impact, and engineering more “holy sh*t I actually did it” marketing moments.

Simply. Never. Happen.

And I get it…

Writing emails sucks.

Or at least the way you’re used to doing it.

That’s why you put it off till the last second until you realize that those damn suckers won’t write themselves.

So you go into scramble mode.

Revving up your internal engines with a deadly concoction of binaural beats, bulletproof coffee and brain drugs with bad names, all in a fruitless attempt to fill your funnel with the words that will actually get your course or program into the hands of your best customers.

Only too soon find that the BP coffee’s run dry and you’re still standing face-to-face with a blank google doc and the prospect of another botched launch.

In a final herculean attempt, you blast “sympathy for the devil” through your Bose headphones and Skype-dial everyone you know to see if they know an amazing (and cheap) launch copywriter with immediate availability.

aka a unicorn.

aka something more rare and precious than the lovechild between Nessie and a Yeti.

And maybe you cash in on your good karma and manage to get an ace copywriter on the line.

Looks promising until you learn you’ll need to take out a reverse mortgage just to have them write the first paragraph of the first email.

So you push back your launch dates.

Inform your JV partners that you’ve run into some “unexpected blips”.

And crawl back into your entrepreneurial cave with your tail between your legs until the next “magical funnel” comes along and you start the process all over again.

Want to opt-out of the execution crisis?

5 Things You Gotta Understand RIght Now if you Wanna Survive the “ “Execution Crisis” and Have Record-Breaking Product Launches in 2017 and Beyond

1. Launch & Funnel Copy ≠ Regular Copy

Launch copy has far less to do with memorizing formulas, secret triggers or pushy persuasion tricks, and EVERYTHING to do with helping your prospects engineer a new reality where your product makes perfect sense.

We’re not so much “selling” your product as we are coaching the transformation between Point A and Point Buyer…

… and then using email copy as the means to activate the new beliefs, attitudes and re-shifts that move your prospect beyond the buying line and into your Teachable or Thinkific dashboard.

2. It’s meant to be written fast.

Funnels in 2017 are like rabid, insatiable teenagers with Costco-sized appetites for email copy.

The more buckets or segments you have, the more emails you’re gonna need.

The more upsells, downsells, or subsequences you have, the more sleepless nights you’ll spend cozying up to a google doc.

It’s not uncommon for your funnel to demand 15, 30 or even 60 emails.

So it goes with saying that you need to put a supersized emphasis on SPEED.

Cause as a coach, course creator, online entrepreneur, or even as a busy ass copywriter, you don’t have endless hours to labor over your Macbook Pro while throwing back 18 Starbucks refills.

Screw those Starbucks reward points.

Your copywriting needs to happen quickly.

But it also needs to perform like crazy.

Which means, you need to take a strategic, straight-line approach that maximizes your R.O.T. (Return on Time) while still producing stellar, predictable results.

You see…

You ain’t afraid of writing email copy…

You’re afraid of wasting what little time you have on doing it poorly.

You’re afraid of “getting it wrong”...

And worse…. wasting your time getting it wrong.

And that’s why you go for the presumably simple fix of hiring someone to do it for you.

Only to find that that your budget can afford maybe 0.5 emails…

Or the 3 week lead time you thought “should be good enough” doesn’t even crack a tenth of a good copywriter’s wait list.

So here’s where you swallow the pill, and finally accept that…

3. It’s meant to be written by you

Simply put, if you’re responsible for generating revenue in your business, you’re responsible for taking ownership over writing your launch copy.

And fast.

The process isn’t supposed to suck.

Writing launch copy, and launch emails in particular can and should be one of the most rewarding and exciting tasks in your business.

Heck, it’s the most intimate thing you can do with your audience with your pants still on.

And if you’re still not taking FULL ownership of this critical, 1K/hour task, you’re essentially straight jacketing your business and deferring responsibility to a member of the only remaining profession where it’s still cool to drink before noon.

Sure, at some point there may be a time where you’re in a position to bring in a talented copywriter to help shoulder the load.

But if you haven’t even achieved minimum viable mastery over the craft, how will you know if what you’re getting is even good?

How will you know you didn’t just spend 15K on a flaming piece of sh*t that couldn’t sell a 20 year single malt to Don Draper?

So ya..

Deep breaths.

I know it’s not what you wanted to hear.

But here’s why it ain’t so bad for you…

4. You don’t need to have studied direct response for 10 years

Cause here’s the truth - you don’t have time to hone your skills for years before getting results.

You’re launching products and funnels right now.

You can’t treat copywriting as some isolated skill that you only get to drag into your funnel or product launch later.

You need to cultivate your copy chops as an integrated part of your launches and funnels.

Not an isolated one.

So we’re not going to ask you to wake up at 5am every morning for the next 60 days to sketch out old sales letters by hand or read a 300 page tome from some guy who died 50 years ago.

You don’t need overarching mastery

You don’t need to earn an ugly mug that says “world’s best copywriter”

Hell… if you want the mug that badly, I’ll just give you mine.

But what you DO need is to gain OUTCOME BASED MASTERY over the most critical skill-set for selling more programs, automating your profits, and putting this whole online business thing on rapid scale up mode.

And you need to do it all without deviating too far away from your natural talents or “zone of genius”.

That’s why…

5. You must leverage your existing talents as a coach or educator to engineer massively profitable product launches.

Ever wonder why some of the world’s most legendary copywriters and marketers (think Robert Collier, Maxwell Martz, and Napoleon Hill) were also personal growth badasses (aka coaches)?

Here’s why:

Copywriting has nothing to do with wordsmithing, magical phrases, or “secret” trigger words that I’ll only tell you if you buy “copywriting guru secrets for dumb people” by 11:59 pm tonight.

Copywriting is nothing but the art of recognizing WHO your prospect must become by the end of the funnel…

… and then strategically coaching the behaviors, actions, attitudes, beliefs and reframes to help them become that perfect buyer with as little friction as possible.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

The truth is…

A skilled coach or educator will ALWAYS stand a better chance at getting a conversion than a skeezy salesman.

As long as you know how to properly leverage those skills of yours.

The Most Profitable Question You’ll Ever Ask

Ever stop to wonder why a skilled coach or consultant can boast a 20-50% conversion rate on enrollment calls while online marketing sputters out at 2-5%?

What is it about that special dynamic that is 10X more effective than what most online entrepreneurs and course creators so readily accept?

And more importantly (and lucratively)...

How can we start bridging that 10X gap at scale? .

The Coaching the Conversion Method™

That’s the biggest question I had circling around my grey matter as I was developing the Coaching The Conversion Method™.

Traditional tactics like countdown timers, and superficial urgency have taken us to the point where we can get *decent* conversions….

(albeit at the expense of alienating our audience and feeling like total assholes)

But what if we saw ourselves NOT as marketers that had to scare our prospects into the final sale…

But as conversion coaches or profit engineers tasked with creating a new reality, a new set of beliefs, and a series of micro-actions that made buying your product feel like a natural next step?

What if we treated a “sale” not as an isolated thing that occurs in a silo..

But as the predictable end point once you’ve effectively coached the transformation between Point A and Point Buyer?

And what if…

As a coach, consultant or educator, you were ALREADY equipped with the prerequisite skills for leading your prospect down that path?

Coaching The Conversion™ is a COMPLETE, step-by-step system for:

  1. Amplifying the conversion potential of ANY funnel or system you’re currently using.
  2. Knowing exactly what type of message to send at what stage of your funnel to guide your prospect along the buyer’s journey… meaning, no more staring at your macbook screen wondering “what the hell am I’m s’posed to write here”
  3. Going beyond the need for superficial scarcity tricks and “OMG we’re closing in 10 minutes” urgency tactics… and instead, naturally and ethically coaching your prospects into enthusiastic, “take my money now” buyers.
  4. Leveraging your existing skills as a coach or educator so that you don’t have to shoehorn yourself into a role that never quite felt right.
  5. Executing your evergreen funnels and product launches with more speed, clarity, and profit

Cause here’s the thing…

You don’t want to feel powerless over the most critical and profitable function of your business.

You literally can’t afford to.

But you also can’t afford to labor for hours in front of the screen while the rest of your business goes neglected.

Or worse… send bad launch emails that repel customers instead of attract them.

Now, you no longer have to.

Introducing 10X Launches

10X Launches is the first copywriting program fully engineered to speed up your execution and amplify your results no matter what kind of funnel or launch strategy you’re rolling out.

It’s built not only for best-in-class launch copywriters...

But for coaches, consultants, course creators, and ANYONE who stands to benefit from nailing down their launch or funnel copy faster and with more genuine impact.

3 Ways 10x Launches Will Make Your iPhone Blink Up with Sales Notifications

2 “Core” Modules that introduce in full detail the “Coaching The Conversion™ method, and well as how to leverage a new, more empowering definition of “direct response” that opens up the floodgates to greater intimacy, empathy, and conversions.

5 “Launch” Modules breaking down every single phase of your launch or funnel in full detail (including some you didn’t even know existed).

You’ll learn exactly what’s at play during the Segmentation & Confirmation, Pre-Launch, Launch, Sales and Closing phases of your funnel and how to quickly craft the messaging that coaches your prospect into the final conversion in a powerful, non-sleazy way.

20+ Email Themeplates. None of that BS “plug’n’play” or “swipe and deploy” stuff that shoehorns your message into lifeless boxes that rob it of all life and power.

Instead, you’ll get FULL breakdowns and walkthroughs of the go-to “themeplates” I turn to over-and-over again in 6 and 7-figure launch campaigns.

Meaning, you get to bang out your OWN high-converting launch emails in about 25 minutes flat and fire them into ConvertKit (or wtv you’re using) while your coffee’s still hot.

Here’s What You’re Getting Instant Access to Inside Your Membership Area

Module 1: Introduction to Coaching The Conversion™

  • How to finally ditch the sleazy hard-sell, and instead learn how to leverage the subtle precursors that ethically lead people to raise their hand and buy your product.
  • The 5 Core Sub-Sequences of every launch or funnel, and the specific actions, attitudes, beliefs, and re-shifts that must be coached across each phase.
  • Permission vs. Interruption vs. Invitation marketing, and the critical responsibility you assume the moment a prospect opts into your funnel.
  • A radical new approach to crafting high-converting email copy WITHOUT laboring for hours over your macbook.
  • How to hire yourself as a full time “conversion coach” and the key traits and mindsets you need to start integrating in order to become more influential and persuasive with your audience.

Module 2: The Ever-Evolving Avatar

  • The “Gene Schwartz Facelift” and how to identify a hidden “6th level of awareness” that will totally transform the way you position your offer and communicate it to your audience.
  • Why recognizing your prospect’s “level of awareness” is only half the battle, and how to leverage The “F.R.E.U.D.” method for for staying relevant and top of mind during your launch.
  • How to uncover your market’s “Moment of Highest Tension” and use it to ramp up desire for your product (this is a *can’t miss* if you’ve ever felt your product doesn’t solve an “urgent’ pain).
  • The 7 Milestones of the Buyer’s Journey and how to use email to “coach” the subtle micro-conversions across each one.
  • Direct Response 2.0, and how the best hooks and sales messages all start with being willing to ask the right questions.
  • The Anatomy of a Perfect Buyer and how to reverse engineer the ingredients and characteristics that make a prospect punch in their credit card by the end of your funnel.
  • The “47 Golden Questions to Fuel Your Funnel” Workbook which will arm you with the audience, market and product insights needed to craft crazy profitable hooks that land straight to the guts and wallets of your best prospects.

Module 3: Segmentation & Confirmation

  • An advanced form of the “velvet rope” strategy that gets your best prospects excited to join you on the journey. (Note: This form of persuasion is so powerful it nearly resulted in me going to Law School against my will).
  • Why the “Confirmation Email” is the most underleveraged message of your entire funnel, and how to make it “work harder” in setting up the final conversion.
  • The “Bieber” Template that gets even your most jaded and disillusioned prospects pumped up and ready to re-engage with your funnel.
  • How to open up “consistency loops” that earn you the chance to ethically hold your prospect accountable later in your campaign.
Module 4: The Pre-Launch
  • The art and science of generating those sacred “aha” moments that earn trust, renew hope, and get your prospect excited about pursuing a new outcome.
  • The critical role your pre-launch sequence plays in the overall conversion (hint: MOST of the heavy lifting occurs during this phase)
  • How to use your pre-launch phase to liberate your prospect from past failures and generate unstoppable momentum before your cart opens.
  • The “Sacred Cows With Sour Milk” principle for uncovering which beliefs your prospect is MOST ready and willing to let go of or have re-shifted to be an empowered buyer.
  • 21 Sticky Subject Lines that get opened and serve as easy jumping off points for writing powerful pre-launch emails.
  • The 2 “Go-To” Email Themeplates for crafting an effective pre-launch sequence that guides your prospect to a place where your program becomes the only logical choice.

Module 5: The Launch:

  • The biggest mistake that marketers make during the launch phase that scares off dozens or hundreds of would-be customers (hint: stop making your launch such a “huge” deal)
  • The “Aladdin” Themeplate, which will help you go beyond just listing out “features and benefits”, and instead, give your prospect an evocative experience that helps “ground” future outcomes in their current reality.
  • How to include fast-action bonuses that invite a surge of initial sales.
  • How a well executed fast-action bonus will help set up the sale later on... even if your prospect didn’t snatch it up.
  • The “Calm Before the Storm” Themeplate that will help you build trust, intimacy and commitment in the hours leading up to your offer going live.

Module 6: The Sales Sequence:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes marketers make during the “sales sequence” that suck the conversion power right out of your funnel.
  • How to close the “consistency loop” that you opened up earlier in your funnel.
  • The right time to start using time urgency in your funnel (warning: do this too early, and you’ll encourage procrastination instead)
  • How to engineer a perfect mid-cart bonus that keeps sales flowing steadily throughout the biggest lull of your launch.
  • The Upgraded FAQ themeplate that counters objections, positions you against competitors, and helps your prospect self-select as a qualified buyer.

Module 7: The Close
  • Discover why one-on-one selling boasts a 10X higher close rate than traditional online marketing… and what you have to do to start bridging that gap at scale.
  • Why relying solely on superficial urgency (ie. countdowns) is a major missed opportunity… and the REAL behaviors to coach during the closing phase to squeeze more conversions out of your funnel.
  • How to combine your program’s Minimum Viable Commitment (MVC) and Quick Valuable Win (QVW) to get prospects off the fence and into your membership area.
  • 5 Proven Closing Themeplates you can plug into the final 48 Hours of your launch to 2X, 5X or even 10X your sales.
  • Risk Reversal vs. Risk Revealer, and how to synergize the two to create a compelling closing argument that pulls even more prospect across the buyer’s line.

You’re Ready to 10x Your ROI within 30 days if…

1. You’re an established coach, course creator or online entrepreneur with an ACTIVE evergreen funnel.

Congrats, I’m sure you worked your butt off to get that bad boy up and running.

This is the “no brainer”.

If you already have a funnel that’s bringing in leads, converting some while letting others drop off like lemmings to the slaughter, then plugging in just a single themeplate from Module 7 could literally 10X your investment within minutes.

Yes. Minutes.

Seriously. What are you still doing here?

Get your login details, jump into Module 7, and drop us a line to let us know how many more team members you’ll be hiring at the end of the month.

2. You’re a badass launch copywriter (or you want to be one).

Writing for launches and funnels is one of the fastest growing and most profitable niches.


Cause your market is literally being created for you.

Don’t believe me?

Do a facebook group search for anything involving “launch”, “funnel”, or “webinar”...

A quick glance at the private groups for the most popular training programs on those topics will reveal about 10K students actively trying to hit “play” on their funnel.

That’s 10K potential clients who are either bottlenecked (or soon will be) by launch copy.

Sure this program is about empowering them to clear that bottleneck themselves… and that’s still our first recommendation.

But there will always be a part of the market that can’t afford to write their own -- but CAN afford to pay you the big bucks to do it for them.

And armed with the 10x Launches framework and 20+ Themeplates, you’ll have the tools needed to approach your work with more confidence, get stellar results in less time, and cash in on the value you’re able to provide.

3. You’re actively building an online course or program.

OK, I know this sucks.

You’re probably working your butt off getting your program to the point where it’s ready to bring to the market.

In a perfect world, you’ll be able to just throw it out there and watch the paypal notifications roll in.

In a lesser (but still ideal world), that crazy funnel you just paid 5K to learn, would come preloaded with your COPY already written for you.

But the online business world ain’t perfect.

Heck, it ain’t even ideal.

But you do now have the PERFECT opportunity to gain minimum viable mastery over your launch copy, and in doing so blast right by competitors who will be perpetually bottlenecked by this whole “execution” thing.

In short, if you’re creating and launching products or courses, you owe it to yourself (and your market) to learn how to launch with more impact.

The Curriculum

Your Instructor

Ry Schwartz
Ry Schwartz

More reclusive than Salinger on a rainy day, Ry Schwartz has been deep in the trenches for over a dozen 6 and 7-figure product launches and evergreen funnels.

He’s written for or consulted with top online entrepreneurs and trainers like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Jasmine Star, Josh Shipp and Dan Martell just to name a few…

And he’s done it all without writing a single line of “copy”.

Instead, he developed the Coaching The Conversion Method™ as a faster, more natural and intuitive framework for crafting launch and funnel copy that connects deeply with your prospects, and “coaches” them into being the perfect buyer.

Things People Asked Before Saying “sign me up”…

1. What if I’m using [insert next big funnel]. Will this still work?

Funnel methods and launch strategies are changing all the time.

The only thing they have in common, is that they’re all requiring you to write more and more emails.

10x Launches takes a funnel agnostic approach and shows you the 5 Core Subsequences inherent in EVERY type of funnel.

Meaning you’ll have the training, tools, and proven themeplates to speed up the execution (and profits) no matter which type of launch strategy you’re using.

2. But Ry… you don’t get it. I like, really, really, realllllllly hate writing.

Let’s take a quick breath.

While you don’t have to develop a Nicholas Sparks level love affair with email copy, you DO need to let us broker a peace deal.

Especially if you’re gonna have any shot at generating the kind of revenue from your funnels that allow you to go “all in” on your business, hire some VA’s, and double down on this world domination thing you keep bragging about on your mastermind calls.

The good news is, we’re not gonna be asking you to “write copy”

Or at least not in the typical “I want to throw my macbook against the wall” kinda way.

Instead, you’re going to be initiated into a radical new approach that doesn’t rely on being a crazy good wordsmith or slick salesperson.

You’ll learn how to strategically leverage “softer” skills like empathy and contextual awareness to deliver a high-converting marketing experience that both you and your prospect can feel all good and tingly about.

3. K that’s great. But can’t you just do it for me?

There’s a reason that world-class (and uber-busy) entrepreneur Dan Martell “fired” me as his copywriter, and hired me to coach him instead.

Simply put: Writing high-converting copy is one of the most profitable tasks in your business.

But I get it.

Your business coach once told you that you should outsource “everything” you don’t like.

That’s fine if you already have the cashflow to spend 10, 15, 20K+ on a good copywriter, and have the minimum viable mastery yourself to know if it was money well spent.

But otherwise, there’s no getting around it.

Consider it “table stakes” for being in the online business game.

The good news is, we’re making it more accessible than ever for you to finally get a solid grasp on this whole “copy thing” while your competitors remain straight-jacketed.

4. Are you sure you won’t just write my copy for me?

Yep. Pretty sure.

But if you enroll in 10X Launches before DATE, a member of our team will give expert level feedback on one of your big lever sales emails.

5. Alright I get it. But let’s be real. How long until I start getting results?

This isn’t one of those training programs where you’re going to have find 10 non-existent hours/week, cancel your weekly “date night”, and work your ass off for 4 months straight before kinda, maybe, sorta seeing a result.

The 20+ themeplates are designed to give you IMMEDIATE ROI the second you plug them into your email software.

And from there, the rest of the training is designed to simply support everything you’re already doing in your funnel.

Just doing it with more power, profit, and clarity.

6. What the heck is a themeplate?

Instead of trying to force your copy into some rigid template, we’ll be walking you through a series “themeplates” which are the more flexible, easy-going cousin of the aforementioned template.

Cause here’s the thing… there’s no such thing as ‘swipe and deploy”.

Hell, “Swipe and Deploy” sounds more like a line pulled from a bad Star Trek episode than something you should be banking on to make or break your product launch.

In 10X Launches, you’ll be getting over 20 Proven Themepaltes with FULL video walkthroughs so that you can execute faster and watch the sales roll in.

7. What’s the guarantee?

60 Days.

Which for this type of program is pretty much an eternity.

Cause we’re not gonna make you sit through 18 modules, 40 hours of video, and 10,000 hours of hard labor before seeing a result.

Instead, you can take the 10X ROI challenge and use one of over 20 Proven Email Themeplates to get an ROI within hours of joining the program..

8. I’m just about ready. Can you promise me this isn’t gonna suck?

Does 2X, 5X or 10X’ing your profits using high-converting launch emails suck?

Does gaining minimum viable mastery over the ONE skill you can literally take to the bank, suck?

Does having the confidence to launch more products, create more funnels, and double down on traffic knowing you can convert the hell out of it, suck?

Let’s be real.

Some parts may suck.

But just like blending kale, waking up at 5am, or taking that weekly spinning class initially sucked (until it didn’t)…

You’ve already proven that you have the ability to embrace a “bit of suck” in order to get back a ton of awesome.

We’ve done our part to GUARANTEE you get the highest possible Return on Suckiness…

As long as you do your part to roll up your sleeves and give it your least suckiest shot.


Take the 10X ROI Challenge

Sure, in 10X Launches you’re gonna be introduced to the Coaching The Conversion Method™ which will help you permanently divorce yourself from the version of “copywriting” you lose sleep over, and instead initiate you into a brand new paradigm.

One that’s…

… more profitable

… easier to execute

… and falls completely in line with your existing skills and talents as a coach or educator.

But unlike other programs, I don’t want you to wait 8 weeks before kinda, maybe, sorta seeing a result.

Enroll right now, watch a few short lessons, and make plans to fire off your first themeplate within the next day or two.

If you don’t feel like you’re well on your way to 10X’ing your investment, just let us know and we’ll fire back your investment so that you’ll only have to scrape together another 8 or 10K to get someone to do it for you.

Regardless of whether or not you join 10x Launches

You’re still…

… gonna be creating stellar new programs and courses to offer your prospects.

… planning out your product launches and hoping to all that is good and funnel-y that it converts

… and filling those funnels with the email copy aka. the connective tissue that either lights up your inbox with a steady stream of sales notifications… or sends your funnel into a flatlining, pixelized graveyard.

The only question left is:

Are you finally ready to put your flawed relationship with copy behind you, and double down on the “thing” that every big time coach or course creator credits as the secret sauce that makes their funnels go BOOM?

Are You Ready to Hire Yourself as a Full Time Profit Engineer?

"Email copy is FOUNDATIONAL to everything you do to grow your business, including list building, product promotion, and webinars.

Most business owners and entrepreneurs are leaving money on the table by not improving the way they sell in email.

Ry has a special ability of knowing how to craft email messages that are relatable, believable and provoke the emotions that move people to action. If you get the opportunity to learn from Ry, DO IT.

His work inside my business has resulted in thousands of new subscribers, higher webinar show up rates, and a dramatic increase in overall sales.”

Amy Porterfield, Online Marketing Strategist & Trainer

"I’m obnoxiously picky and yet EVERY time Ryan blows me away with what he delivers.

He has taken email copywriting and evolved the craft into a stunning/non-sleezy/yet persuasive mechanism for educating people to buy a thing they’ll later be glad they bought.

The end result: more sales and a lingering sense of gratitude from your audience over a sales campaign. Ryan’s the only copywriter type person I’ve found who can pull this balance off."

Josh Shipp, Award-Winning Youth Speaker & Teen Expert

"I always struggled to make my launch emails do all the things they needed to do. I wanted to get the word out and encourage people to purchase our courses, but I also didn't want to sound (or feel) like a sleazy marketer or drive people crazy.

After one phone call with Ryan, I knew I never wanted to do another launch without him. I think he might be a mind-reader.

Not only did he make the process streamlined and fun for me (I always used to dread writing these things,) but his immense well of empathy makes him the absolute BEST collaborator. On top of that, he helped me to find my voice - now I'm proud of the emails we send out leading up to a launch because students love them.

I actually get thank you notes from my list when I send out a note I've worked on with Ryan. "That's exactly what I needed to hear!" or "This is exactly what I'm going through - thank you so much!"

Ryan is THE BEST. I am WAY more confident about my copy, and serve many more students as a direct result of working with him."

Kelsey Kaufman, Owner, Green Tea Productions

"Ryan’s a deadly sharp copywriter and a fantastic teacher. Early in my career, I remember being ambitious, motivated, and completely overwhelmed. There were so many copywriting books, techniques, formulas, methods- you can spend years reading & studying without ever actually working towards mastery of the skill!

The strategies Ryan shared with me at the beginning of my journey saved me at least 3-5 years of guesswork and fumbling around- that’s invaluable to me. Our conversations since have only further sharpened my writing and processes. Without a doubt, working with Ryan was the best investment I’ve made in my writing career."

Kingshuk Mukherjee, Director of Growth & Content Strategy, Unmistakable Creative

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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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